Cutlass wielding man who invaded primary school arrested


Police have arrested the man accused of barging into the compound of the Bohemia Primary School on the Corentyne Coast on Monday with the intention of harming a parent at the school.

Allimudeen Gobin Modem, 60, a security guard of No.19 Village, East Berbice Corentyne was arrested at the Central Police Station and placed into custody.

Modem, who was armed with a cutlass, entered the school compound on Monday in search of a female parent he reportedly had an old grievance with.

Allimudeen Gobin Modem was caught on video destroyed the woman’s cycle

He hurled expletives and brandished the cutlass, threatening to harm the woman who hid in the upper flat of the school.

Rishi Bickram, a government part time worker who was placed as a security guard at the gate, had told reporters that the female parent entered the compound and told him to lock the gate. As he was about to do so, the man rushed towards the gate and waved the cutlass in Bickram’s face, threatening him too.

Bickram said he removed himself for his own safety after the man push opened the gate and entered the yard in search of the woman. Parents grabbed their children while teachers and other students scattered for safety.
However, after the man did not get to the woman, he exited the school yard and proceeded to chop up the electric cycle that belonged to the woman.

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