Suspect in fatal Sand Hill backdam stabbing arrested


The 27-year-old suspect in the murder of Ravindra Alfred was arrested on Tuesday, one day after the crime was committed.

Police Headquarters in a short statement said the suspect, a Venezuelan national was arrested in Bartica.

The foreign national is accused of stabbing Alfred multiple times sometime between 09:00hrs on Sunday and 09:00hrs on Monday at Sand Hill Backdam, Region Seven. Alfred was reportedly involved in an intimate relationship with the suspect’s fiancée.

An autopsy conducted by government pathologist Doctor Nehaul Singh revealed that Alfred died as a result of multiple chop wounds.

Police had reported that Alfred and the suspect worked together at Sand Hill Backdam.

Alfred’s mother, 61-year-old Indra Singh, told investigators that on Sunday morning, her son and the suspect’s fiancée had breakfast together and then he left the mining camp en route to the Backdam.

After Alfred did not return on Monday, his mother went in search for him and was informed by several workers that her son’s motionless body was found at Sand Hill Backdam.

The woman then contacted the Bartica Police Station and reported the matter.

Police said Alfred was found lying on his back with chop wounds to the left hand, a gaping wound to the left side of the head above the ear, a gaping wound to the face extending from over the top lip to the right eye, and a gaping wound to the right side cheek.

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  1. Patricia Pierre says

    That is murder execution style. I am happy that the perpretrator was arrested. Justice must be served.. The perpretrator’s fiancee should be blamed equally. After all, two people normally agree to enter a relationship. However, her life was spared and she is left to tell the tale.

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