Persons living with disabilities get jobs from GuyOil


The Guyana Oil Company Limited (GuyOil) has collaborated with the National Commission on Disability (NCD) to provide employment for persons living with disabilities.

A release by the company on Thursday stated that “GuyOil understands the difficulties persons living with disabilities are faced with daily and has taken on the charge of leading by example, by providing gainful employment to two persons so they may live full and productive lives while simultaneously adding value back to their community.”

Further, it said the collaboration was the brainchild of GuyOil’s Chairman, Paul Cheong, who in co-operation with the management of the company, has permanently employed two persons living with disabilities.

Peter Fraser is employed as the maintenance/handyman and Ashshell Benn a clerical staff.

Additionally, Uttamkumar Isurdeen was also awarded a one-off gift from GuyOil and medical supplies.

This was done on the basis of equal employment opportunity and President Ali’s vision to finding sustainable solutions to the plight of persons living with disabilities.

GuyOil has effectively fulfilled a mandate in delivering “Excellence in Service” to all stakeholders by its pursuit to represent diversity and equality in the workplace.

“We sincerely advocate that corporate Guyana replicates this initiative as it is the stepping stone in a charting course for the benefit of all Guyanese,” the release said.

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