Secondary students in Reg. 3 benefits from GOGEC training


The Guyana Oil and Gas Energy Chamber- GOGEC has successfully conducted oil and gas training for secondary school students in Berbice, East Coast, Georgetown, West Demerara, Essequibo, and, Linden.

The final training seminar was hosted today in Leonora for secondary students from Endeavour & the Commons, Essequibo Island, Leguan Secondary, L’Aventure Secondary, Lenora Secondary, Parika Salem Secondary, Patentia Secondary, Stewartville Secondary, Uitvlugt Secondary, Vergenoegen, Vreed-en-Hoop Secondary, West Demerara Secondary, West Minister Secondary, Zeeburg Secondary, and the Leonora Technical and Vocational Training Centre.

This training plan was developed to introduce high school students to Guyana’s new and emerging Oil and Gas Sector. The training program was designed to help these students become familiar with the basic knowledge of the sector and ensure they are enticed to further expand their knowledge in the sector and one day contribute to its development.

This massive year-long training program was expected to educate over 50 schools and 1000 students. The chamber has successfully met its target by completing training for a total of 65 schools and 1,095 students.

According to the President of GOGEC, Mr. Manniram Prashad, the training plan covered an introduction to the sector, Players in the sector, Job Opportunities in the Sector, Exploration Activities, PSA, the Gas to Shore Project, and an overall understanding of Guyana’s economic, political and social history and where the country is today.

This training programme would not have been possible without the generous sponsorship by Guyana’s Telephone and Telegraph Company – GTT and our members in the oil and gas sector who participated in sensitizing the students about Guyana’s emerging oil and gas industry. (GOGEC press release)


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