President asks Top Cop to clamp down on unauthorised use of lights, sirens


President Dr Irfaan Ali has mandated Police Commissioner (ag) Clifton Hicken to enforce a clamp down against the unauthorised use of blue and red lights and sirens.

This extends to government agencies, several public officials and also security companies that have abused the use of the lights and sirens.

“It is dangerous for unauthorised persons to be using sirens and lights recognised as those used by Police; it amounts to misuse of the road and so this can contribute to accidents,” Mr Hicken told the News Room on Monday afternoon.

Police Commissioner (acting) Clifton Hicken [Photo: Guyana Police Force/ July 05, 2022]
The blue and red lights and sirens are to be used by police vehicles and other law enforcement personnel, but persons have been buying the equipment and using it to speed through traffic.

Ministries and government agencies have also not been authorized to use the lights and sirens and if they are they are on notice to have them removed.

Mr Hicken said the campaign to clamp down on unauthorised use of the lights and sirens commenced immediately after the launch of ramped up security and traffic arrangements by the Police Force for the holiday season.

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