Women-led businesses partner for Christmas market at Brickdam


A Christmas market at Lot 17 Brickdam and Sendell Place, slated for later this week, will help shoppers bypass the hassle of the Christmas rush for their household décor and gifts.

Three women-led businesses will collaborate to host the massive Christmas Market this coming Thursday through Sunday. During the News Room’s visit to Cata’s, the venue for the market, store owner Lana Melandez, said her store is widely known for its Christmas decorations. Her colleagues promise high quality with prices that cannot be matched.

Further, she noted that this is the first ever Christmas market that the stores will host.

“They decided to collab with Cata’s because we are one of the most recognised Christmas shops in Guyana,” Melandez said.

The market will feature these businesses because they all focus on décor and gift supplies and combine their products to be a “one-stop shopping” experience, Maria Monroe, owner of Gift Box by Gigi, one of the participating shops said.

“We are going to have everything that you need for Christmas. We have everything that you need for your house to look gorgeous and exquisite.

“We have quality items and the best prices in town.

“Because of the business we are involved in, this is the perfect fit, three women with these businesses just come together to give you a spectacular event,” Monroe said.

From left: Maria Monroe, owner of Giftbox by Gigi, Lana Melandez, owner of Cata’s Shop, Kelly-Ann Asregado, owner of Chic Home Decor (Photo: New Room/ November 21, 2022)

Among the items that will be available are curtains, mats, gifts for persons of all ages and Christmas décor, ornaments, candles and crockery.

The third business to participate in the event is Chic Home Decor, owned by Kelly-Ann Asregado.

Speaking to the News Room, Asregado explained that the market will not only be an event for shoppers. There will be activities to entice children and cultural Christmas snacks will also be shared out throughout the market days.

The opening event will be on Thursday.

“We’ll have the Christmas tree light up and caroling,” Asregado said.

Friday will follow with an eggnog and cocktail lime along with shopping.

Then on Saturday persons can bring out their children to meet Santa Clause. This will be a ticketed event with tickets costing $2,500. Then Sunday closes off with a general day of shopping and Christmas treats such as ginger beer and black cake being shared out.

The event doesn’t have an entry fee and will commence on Thursday at 15:00 hrs. Shoppers are encouraged to take advantage of the wide selection of items that will be available.

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