‘I refuse to get into anything ugly’ – Alert says no compromising religious beliefs in Parliament


Beverley Alert, a long-time media operative who still works in the field and backed by her noteworthy participation in local politics is the newest Member of the Parliament (MP).

Alert subscribed to the Oath at a sitting of the House on November 07, 2022 and joins eight other MPs from the Alliance for Change (AFC) party in opposition.

“Entering the National Assembly as a representative of the people is an honour. It is a privilege that not many Guyanese would share,” she told the News Room during an exclusive interview on Wednesday.

Apart from enjoying the confidence of those who placed her there, Alert is intent on maintaining her individuality and contributing in the most positive ways.

Asked whether she intends to toe the party line, Alert sharply answered “it is not going to be me.”

She noted her intention to adhere to her religious belief as a Christian.

“There is no compromise on that.

“Once my conscience, based on religious beliefs, dictates that I move in a particular direction, that will take precedence,” Alert noted.

And the MP is not afraid of losing friends or support for her stance.

“It becomes simple, anytime my integrity and beliefs are called into question and my party cannot see with that, well then, we will have to part ways.

“I am a strong believer that I will answer to my God,” Alert posited.

She is not too happy, as an observer, with the conduct of some of her colleague MPs and hopes that with the support of Parliament, she can effect change in that regard.

A return to the times of quality debating, she calls it.

“Some of the things I see happening the National Assembly, when I was in the media, another lifetime ago, it was different… there was heckling but not this vile and rabid, and its coming from both sides.

“We have to get back to quality debate… I refuse to get into anything ugly in the National Assembly,” she added.

Alert replaces AFC Executive Raphael Trotman who vacated his seat a few months ago. For her, though, it’s hardly a replacement.

Nonetheless, her appointment was automatic having been next in line.

“There is no replacing Raphael Trotman. The good thing for me is that he has promised to be there to guide and mentor me through Parliament.”

Alert’s interests are similar to those Trotman represented while he held sat as an MP with oversight over the natural resources and environment sectors.

Beyond that, Alert is keen on molding and developing a just society; it’s one of the reasons she got into politics.

“We look across the landscape, we see marginalised people who do not believe they are afforded a fair share of the pie and we have to find ways to correct that.

“After every election, almost half of the population feel they are not getting a fair share and 50 years after independence we have to find a way to correct that.”


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