Works on Anna Regina stadium underway

... six community grounds to be upgraded


Works on the Anna Regina stadium in Region Two have commenced and are progressing smoothly according to the stipulated timeline.

The announcement was made by Region Two Vice Chairman, Humace Oodit, in a recent interview with the Department of Public Information (DPI, where he expressed his satisfaction with the first phase of work currently ongoing.

Construction ongoing at the Anna Regina centre ground

The contract was recently signed and work commenced at the Anna Regina community centre ground for a stadium. As you know sports are important for young people and even people supporting in the discipline,” he said.

Works on the stadium will be executed in three phases.

The first phase will see the ground being raised 18 inches and will accommodate a grass mount. Works on the first phase are expected to be completed within eight months.

The second phase will see the execution of fencing and lighting work. The third phase will see the seating being installed.

Construction ongoing at the Anna Regina centre ground

“So, Region Two will be having all of these facilities that it will not only be in Georgetown or Berbice but Essequibo can be one of those regions that we can have bigger activities happening at the ground especially, and you know that two other stadiums will be built,” said the vice chairman.

Upgrades to community grounds

Meanwhile, as work on the Anna Regina ground continues, the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) is looking at the Suddie ground which is similar to the Anna Regina Ground, to host its annual Essequibo night and other activities.

Additionally, the Government through the Culture, Youth and Sports Ministry has expended some $60 million into upgrading six community grounds across the region.

Construction ongoing at the Anna Regina centre ground

This will see Queenstown, Affiance, Reliance, Charity, Sparta and Golden Fleece receiving $10 million each.

The Golden Fleece ground and Charity ground will both receive floodlights. So, sports can be played during the day and night.

The vice chair said a major transformation is happening in the sports sector and the people of Region Two are pleased. (DPI)

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