GWI boss assures residents, commuters that Hadfield Street ‘will be fixed’


Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) Shaik Baksh Thursday sought to assure residents that the damaged roadway at Halley and Hadfield Streets, Georgetown, will be fixed soon.

Baksh explained that the GWI responded to an emergency in the area, causing some damage to the roadway. Baksh said GWI intended to repair the roadway once the emergency works were completed but a downpour on Wednesday stalled the work.

“GWI made an interconnection there, emergency work, [because] some people were not getting water.

“What they did, however, is that they sand filled by putting loam. Although they were about to cover it (and) seal it, that wasn’t done. The rain came and washout the sand and loam,” Baksh explained.

Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Water Incorporated, Mr. Shaik Baksh (Photo: DPI)

The News Room understands that the work had to be done immediately to bring relief to customers in the area who were not getting water.

After the road was dug up, the News Room observed that vehicles could not avoid driving into the breakage. As Baksh stated, loam was used to refill the space but erosion took its toll.

Water settled in the section of the road where the work was conducted (Photo: Joseph Allen/ November 24, 2022)

“They are getting ready to get this done between today and tomorrow…they are in preparation for the sealing of the road, the road could not seal in time and the rain came down,” Baksh said on Thursday.

He added that GWI works closely with the Ministry of Public Works to have roads repaired after the company does its work and have already discussed the repairs for this road.

A team was at the area filling the hole with loam on Thursday morning but mid-morning showers, again, stalled those works.

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