Teacher, 22, arrested for reportedly murdering grandmother


Family members and neighbours of 73-year-old Agatha Gamell of Charity, Essequibo Coast are in a state of shock after she was reportedly murdered by her granddaughter in the wee hours of Sunday.

The granddaughter, a 22-year-old primary school teacher and the mother of a newborn, is in police custody.

The police found a pair of scissors at the scene which the suspect reportedly used to stab the woman to death.

The News Room understands that at about 04:00hrs, a neighbour heard the elderly woman screaming.

The granddaughter was subsequently seen holding her baby with blood on her hands asking for help.

“I heard the scream, but I didn’t know what went on but then I saw the teacher with blood in her hand and her one-month baby in her hand,” the traumatised neighbour recalled.

Police ranks at the scene on Sunday

The News Room understands that the suspect ran away from the scene after asking for help but was subsequently caught by the police.

According to the neighbour, the pensioner lived alone and her granddaughter would visit her from Richmond.

The neighbour claimed that the granddaughter arrived yesterday with her baby.

“When she came over she was trembling in fright, she had blood in her hand, I really don’t know what went wrong,” the neighbour told the News Room.

The motive is not yet clear but the suspect’s mother has since indicated to the police that she (the suspect) has been having a difficult time since giving birth.

The elderly woman was described as a quiet individual and was well known in her community.

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  1. Derk says

    This is sad indeed! Could it be mental illness ? Postal natal depression!?

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