Health Ministry monitoring respiratory syncytial virus affecting children


The Ministry of Health has been monitoring the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) which presents mild, cold-like symptoms and most commonly infects children below the age of two-years-old.

“What we have noticed over the last couple of months is that RSV now is in combination with COVID and is presenting a lot of problems with small children,” Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony said during his daily COVID-19 update on Monday.

Dr. Anthony noted that generally, the virus presents with a lower respiratory tract infection resulting in problems with breathing, and sometimes bronchitis in children.

“If parents notice that their children are having breathing problems they should bring them to the hospital for an examination and treatment,” he said.

He explained that depending on what symptoms the child presents, doctors will be able to treat them accordingly.

Guyana is yet to record any cases of the RSV however Dr. Anthony noted that the Ministry is on alert because the virus sometimes presents in combination with COVID-19 and influenza and can result in hospitalization or even death.

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