Knives, razor blades among weapons found during prison searches


Knives, razor blades and scissors were among the weapons found during two recent prison searches, according to information provides by Police Headquarters.

On Thursday, between 06:00hrs and 09:00hrs, it was reported that a joint prison search was conducted at the New Amsterdam Prison, Region Six, headed by Deputy Superintendent Elton Davidson along with Assistant Superintendent of Prisons Patrick Crawford, and assisted by ranks of both the Guyana Police Force and Guyana Prison Service.

During the search, several contraband items were found including: fermented wine, 10 cellphones, one Digicel Sim card, six scissors, 23 lighters, razor blades, one improvised grater, 15 improvised weapons, three metal spoons, one fork, one knife, $4,660 in cash (Guyana currency), 47 Ziplock bags containing a quantity of marijuana leaves, seeds and stem weighing 87 grams, 30 Pall Mall cigarettes, 18 Bic blades, five packs bamboo, a small quantity of narcotics gums, two mirrors and one air pod case.

Items found in the Mazaruni prison

Meanwhile, on Saturday, another search was carried out at the Mazaruni prison, Region Seven.

There, three cellphones, 42 improvised weapons, eight charges, 15 lighters, one knife, three scissors, and a quantity of suspected cannabis leaves, seeds, and stems were discovered.

The narcotics were weighed and amounted to 116 grams.The prohibited items were lodged at the Bartica Police Station.

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