Two money changers robbed, one shot by motorcycle bandits


Police are investigating the armed robbery of two money changers of an undisclosed sum of local and foreign currency, which occurred on Monday within the vicinity of Stabroek Market on Water Street, Georgetown.

The money changers were robbed by two masked male suspects, one of whom was armed with a gun. One of the victims was also shot to his right forearm and abdomen.

Police Headquarters reported that the two victims, a 66-year-old money changer of Vlissengen Road, Georgetown and a 41-year-old money changer of Sophia, Greater Georgetown who usually ply their trade on Water were both confronted by the two suspects.

During the confrontation, the suspect armed with the gun relieved one of the victims of his money.

While attempting to rob the other victim, who pulled out a knife from the waist of his pants to defend himself, the armed suspect discharged a round from the gun which hit the second victim.

Police said the suspects escaped on a motorcycle parked nearby.

The shot victim was picked up and taken to Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, where he is presently receiving treatment and is in stable condition.

A .32 spent shell was recovered from the scene.

Investigations are ongoing.

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