Robbers cut through zinc roof, cart off money, appliances from Best Buy Variety Store


An undisclosed amount of money and appliances were stolen during a robbery at the Best Buy Variety Store located at Lot 21 Public Road, Non Pariel, East Coast Demerara once the store was closed on Wednesday.

The wife of the store’s owner, Devi Lakhram, told the News Room that the robbers damaged the CCTV cameras after breaking into the building. She explained that the unguarded building was locked up on Wednesday evening with all items in place. However when the staff returned this morning at 8:00 hrs, the store was found to have been ransacked.

The zinc where the robbers cut to gain entry into the store (Photo: Best Buy Variety Store)

A report of the robbery has since been made to the police and an investigation has been launched.
Lakhram said the office doors were destroyed and that the robbers cut through the zinc on the roof to gain entry.

“It can’t be one or two persons. It was more than two persons they cut the zinc from the top and come in.
“They cut out all the camera wires, they take away the DVR and everything so we can’t have an idea as to when they came in and what they did,” she said.

She added that the remaining items at the store were “tumbled” and scattered about the store.
“They take away some of the electric stuff and some of the items, the staff is checking around to see. They broke the office door and carry away money from the office and the cashier register. They pull it out and carry away everything.”

According to Lakhram, a neighbour said noise during the course of the night but the neighbour did not check to see what was causing the noise.

Lakhram and her husband, Sundar, have owned the store for several years.

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  1. Patricia Pierre says

    Oh, that is so sad. For the Lakersm’s to restart their business is painful. To replace those stolen or damaged items would be expensive. Remember, prices are escalating. Some of the items stolen might be irreplaceable. I trust that despite the absence of the footage of the in ident, the police would be able to make some headway in the matter.

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