Charity man, 25, dies after pinned by tree


A 25-year-old gold miner is now dead after he was pinned by a tree on Monday at a mining backdam in Region Seven.

The dead man has been identified as Ravin Moses of Charity, Essequibo Coast.

The man’s mother, Patricia Moses said he left home in the area with his younger brother Shane Moses in July.

Patricia told the News Room that she heard her sons and other miners were working in a pit when the operator allegedly cut a tree and it fell on the men.

Shane and the others managed to escape but Ravin was trapped.

“He was working, mining and they went in the pit and like the operator cut the tree and the tree fall on them.

“Every day I does hear from them, yesterday morning I talked to my son, the one that died, I talk to him early yesterday,” the grieving woman said.

Ravin was the eighth of 10 children. His mother said his body is being transported to the coast.

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