Police, EPA to tackle noise nuisance during Christmas season


Assistant Superintendent at Impact Base, Brickdam, Mohan Khan during an episode of ‘Police and You’ recently said the two agencies will work collaboratively to ensure they are proactive in dealing with noise nuisance.

“The open-air functions as well as the indoor functions, they usually use noisy instruments much to the annoyance of neighbours or persons within proximity to the function, whether it’s an open-air function or an enclose function, those that are affected may complain to the police and by so doing, they expect us to give the best results,” ASP Khan posited.

The Assistant Superintendent said whenever complaints are made relating to noise nuisance, it is expected of the force to take immediate action; however, police officers are sometimes challenged by disorderly citizens who may have been imbibing.

As such, he has called on persons to be compliant when police officers are called to intervene.

“Please ensure that you cooperate with the police officer and ensure that you cooperate with the police officer and ensure that if you have to turn your music off, or turn it down, that you comply,” ASP Khan stressed.

Persons who fail to comply will be prosecuted under the Environmental Protection Act.

Khan highlighted that, “It is not a step that we want to prosecute persons, we want everybody to have an enjoyable time as well as we want people to enjoy their peace, so, we’re looking forward for the general public cooperation in this season.”

In residential areas, persons are allowed to omit only 75 decibels during the day and 60 decibels at night. In commercial areas, only 100 decibels are allowed during the day while 70 at night. (Extracted and modified from the Department of Public Information)

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