Deputy Mayor distances himself from Mayor’s ‘unfortunate’ remarks against Muslim community


See full statement from Deputy Mayor of Georgetown, Alfred Mentore:

Deputy Mayor distances himself from Georgetown Mayor’s comment regarding President Ali and the connection to a Muslim State

In light of the recent statement made by Georgetown Mayor, His Worship Ubraj Narine in response to Government’s effort to remove vendors from the GPHC surroundings.

Deputy Mayor Alfred Mentore wishes to distance himself from the unfortunate utterances made by the Mayor regarding President Ali, with specific reference to comment pointing to a ‘Muslim State’.

While I stand in solidarity with vendors, the fact that the Mayor & City Council voted to act on a motion upon the issue at the last Statutory meeting held yesterday (12th December, 2022) speak volumes for our concern for the general welfare of every citizen utilizing the environs of Georgetown.

Yet, the comments made by Mayor Narine does not reflect my own views and that of some other Councillors. “I believe that the occasion to remove the vendors should have been a collaborative effort between the Mayor & City Council and the Ministry of Public Works”.

Having not met and without any dialogue, their arbitrary removal then opened doors for politicization of the issue and comments made thereafter. Hence, the haste may be like one brick in an ocean that carries rippling effect!

I therefore urge dialogue between the Mayor and Councillors of the City of Georgetown and the Government so that in future such occasions – would not lead to aspersions been cast.

As a Council we are prepared to work with any Religious Group, Organisation, Denominations and Central Government at large. As our motion only yesterday spoke to collaboration and dialogue and the extension of an olive branch to endorse the term of a (One Guyana) which will create local and Central Government working in collaboration to build this Nation.

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