‘Hard-working and competent’ – Bar Association remembers murdered lawyer


See full statement from the Bar Association of Guyana below:

It is with great shock that the Bar Association and members of the Legal Profession learned of the murder of Asasha Ramzan, an Attorney-at-Law attached at the Chambers of the Attorney General as a State Counsel. She was admitted to practice law in Guyana in 2020.

Ramzan was known to be industrious, fair, hard-working and competent Counsel. Within her, held great potential for advancement to the highest levels within the legal profession. Her loss is not only to the profession but to the country at large. At the Bar we deeply mourn her death.

From all reports, Ramzan’s death is as a result of the violent act at the hands of her partner who, from all indications, took his own life after committing the act.

The Bar Association unreservedly and unequivocally condemns this and every act of gender-based violence regardless of whatever form it may take. Family violence continues to scourge our society and no doubt sets us back.

As Guyanese, we owe a duty of care to be each other’s keeper, we must remain vigilant to look for the signs of gender-based violence.

The Bar Association of Guyana extends sincerest condolences to the relatives, loved ones and friends of our dear colleague.

May she rest in peace.

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  1. Elon Sooknanan says

    From Trauma to Resilience
    by Elon Sooknanan

    I am only human not perfect, I am non-specific but terrific
    My name is Evol, spelt backwards they called me Love
    From birth so I was told I’m of great worth
    But only time will tell my true value here on earth

    No experience of physical and emotional abuse
    I Evol stepped out and found my other half Evol
    So loving and kind with a smile from a mile
    All went well until we said “ I do”

    Behind closed doors, I was abused- battered and bruised
    I was so confused, not amused- how can I be excused?
    Crawled like a reptile, I had to remind myself I’m still human
    I screamed, I begged, I cried, no mercy- I lay there almost half dead

    Next day I was black and blue though it was something new
    Not realising for many it’s just another week in review
    Hiding my pain, I tried to find a new name to escape this stain
    Thought this will end the shame but still it remained the same

    Things appeared to be different when Evol whispered sweet words in my ears
    Yet I pretended all is well with a smile but deep within me I was just bile
    Again behind closed doors I was violated beyond comprehension
    Traumatised! Ostracised! Demoralised- why am I not surprised?

    But I tell you what! I had enough of that! I am a gem of unimaginable worth
    My eyes no longer black and blue, for now I realised it’s all brand new
    I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, the silver lining in the clouds
    It’s not a dream! just feels surreal but it was time for me to heal

    No longer I hear the whispers of Evol; instead, I hear the still small voice of my Creator
    A voice for the voiceless, reminding me of my worth here on earth
    I am now empowered, a new life, a new beginning to follow my Maker
    My new name is Love not Evol! Resilience not Trauma!

    I am now free from my burdens of defeat; I’m now resilient
    Transformed by His grace, with a glow I’m proud to show so all may know
    Time to rise! Time to shine! Time to be a victor not a victim
    Feeling safe and secured in the arms of the One who created me.

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