$142.9M in awards for Police as crime down by 19 per cent


Several police ranks and officers were on Thursday awarded trophies and incentives totaling $142.9 million for performing exceptionally well this year.

The officers were recognised at the Guyana Police Force Annual Awards held at Eve Leary in Georgetown.

The Guyana Police Force annual awards first started in the 1990’s and serve as a morale boost and motivational tool for the ranks.

Commissioner of Police (ag) Clifton Hicken on Thursday revealed that a 19.2 per cent decrease in serious crimes has been recorded for this year.

Commissioner Hicken also revealed that 80 firearms have been seized for the year thus far when compared to 70 in 2021. The Police Force is also recording an overall 11 per cent decrease in road accidents.

Some of the awardees on Thursday

“The entire Guyana Police Force, with the exception of those who were placed before the courts for misconduct, generally we have performed exceptionally well and give yourself a round of applause,” Commissioner Hicken said.

This year, a total of 4, 760 ranks are being awarded for performing well and going beyond the call of duty.

Chabinauth Singh, the Divisional Detective Officer for Regional Division 4A is the best cop for 2022. He encouraged ranks to be strong, kind and proud in the execution of their duties.

Best cop Chabinauth Singh

“What you have chosen to do is a mission, a calling no less for guidance of public safety, regardless of the challenges we as police officers must be strong but not rude, be kind not weak be thoughtful but lazy, be proud but not arrogant,” Detective Singh said.

Several Community Policing Groups that assisted the force in crime-fighting were also recognised on Thursday. Outstanding ranks from the Criminal Investigations Department, Central Immigration and Passport Office, Tactical Services Unit, Presidential Guard and other branches were also awarded.


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