Army dismisses City Mayor as Staff Sergeant over racist, discriminatory remarks against Muslim community


See below full statement issued by the Guyana Defence Force:


Former Staff Sergeant Ubraj Narine was disembodied from the Guyana National Reserve of the Guyana Defence Force, with effect from Tuesday December 13, 2022 for conduct ‘Unbecoming of a soldier’.

Mr Narine on Monday December 12, 2022, was engaged in a civil protest action during which he uttered words that are considered to have promoted racial and religious intolerance, as well as political dissonance.

Several disparaging comments were made against the Commander in Chief and his government. As a member of the Guyana Defence Force, albeit Regular or Reserve, Mr Narine is required to conduct himself in a manner that uphold the professional image and integrity of the Force.

Members of the Force ‘Regular and Reserve’, are required to adhere to the policies, regulations and protocols of the Force; the Values and Standards of the Guyana Defence Force are examples of such. These require, among others, adherence to Core values such as Discipline, Integrity and Loyalty.

Similarly, it requires members of the Force to adhere to core standards such as Responsibility, Respect for the law, Respect for others, Correct Conduct and Appropriate Social Behaviour.

Mr Ubraj Narine’s conduct on Monday December 12, 2022 violated the above mentioned and others.


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