Bank of Guyana announces upgrade of $5,000 bill


See full release from the Bank of Guyana:

As part of its commitment to the continuous upgrade of the Guyana currency notes, the Bank of Guyana will issue with effect from Tuesday December 20, 2022 an upgraded $5,000 currency note.

This upgraded currency note keeps most of the elements of the previous note but with three significant changes to the front and back of the note:

  1. The removal of the Dual Track thread from the back of the note and also the Holographic Stripe at the front of the note.
  2. The addition of a 5mm wide Pulsar color shifting thread at the front of the note. The color on this thread shifts from gold to green with dynamic movement.
  3. A SPARK Live Truspin feature around a Jaguar is placed at the front of the note which when tilted shifts from gold to green. Also, a double circle surrounding the Jaguar moves.

This new $5,000 currency note will circulate alongside the existing note of the same denomination.

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  1. Guyanese says

    Why not move to the polymer bill like the $2,000 note

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