GPL workers get 7% increase


Following an arduous and extensive negotiation process, the Guyana Power and Light (GPL) and the National Association of Agricultural, Commercial, and Industrial Employees (NAACIE) on Thursday signed a collective labour agreement that will see over 70 per cent of GPL employees benefitting from a seven per cent salary increase.

The simple signing ceremony was guided by Chief Labour Officer, Dhaneshwar Deonarine, and the management of both organisations at the Labour Ministry’s Boardroom.

NAACIE’s General Secretary, Dawchan Nagar said, in addition to the increase in the actual salary, the agreement affords several other incentives to further motivate employees, including improvements in allowances.

The simple signing ceremony was held in the Labour Ministry’s Boardroom

Acting Chief Executive Officer of GPL, Renford Homer, noted that the negotiation process was not without its challenges.

However, he said both parties have managed to arrive at an amicable agreement in the interest of consolidation.

“I think the negotiation leading up to where we are today was one that embraces professional maturity and mutual respect,” he said.

Moreover, he stressed that despite the financial difficulties GPL has been facing, the company manages to take into consideration the needs of its employees.

“The board of directors and management of GPL, notwithstanding that challenge, recognises the need to take into consideration the desires and expectations, to some extent, of employees, and tried its best to make an offer. It is one that was considered affordable and palatable,” Homer pointed out.

He also indicated that another cycle of negotiations will commence soon.

GPL’s Human Resources Divisional Director, Bal Persaud, NAACIE’s General President, Whitney Graham, and representatives from both entities were also in attendance at the signing. (DPI)

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