Rum shop argument over spitting leads to cutlass attack on Letter Kenny family


A young man was left with a severed hand and his father is nursing injuries after they were attacked by two individuals carrying cutlasses following a rum shop argument Sunday night in which the father was accused of spitting on one of the men who took revenge.

Injured are Verasammy Naidu called “Vinash”, a 24-yr-old labourer, and his father Moonsammy Vinod Naidu, both of Lot 6 Letter Kenny Public Road, Corentyne, Berbice.

The News Room understands that Vinash suffered a severed hand while his father sustained chop wounds about his head and body. The act was committed by two individuals from the said village, one of whom ahs been arrested.

Vinash’s brother, Vikash Naidu, said his brother left home around 14:00 hrs Sunday to attend a wedding in the said village. Vinash and friends subsequently left the wedding house and ventured to a rum shop where his father was.

The father recounted that there was argument between him and one of the suspects.

“The guy said my father spit on him but my father said he didn’t and apologised to the guy and stuff and he come away home,” Vikash said.

Shortly after, his brother arrived home and related to them that one of the suspects slapped him after his father left the shop. They then saw two men heading to their house armed with cutlasses. There, an argument ensued once more and the suspects dealt Vinash a chop to his left hand, resulting in it being severed from the wrist.

The father was dealt several chops to his head and body before the two men escaped.

According to Vikash, a Police patrol vehicle was in the area at the time and they assisted in taking both men to the Port Mourant Public Hospital.

Vinash was later transferred him to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital, where he is presently a patient in the surgical ward; his condition is listed as stable.

Their father was treated and sent away.

Police are looking for the second suspect.

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  1. Tyran Asgarally says

    Can’t the doctors reattach the severed hand.

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