Crime down: CID records 122 murders, 78 illegal guns seized for 2022


The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Guyana Police Force has recorded 122 murders so far this year, the third lowest in a 10-year period. In addition, 78 illegal firearms were taken off the streets.

Head of CID, Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum, noted that this was achieved due to the use of technology to investigate and solve crimes.

As the CID is recording an overall reduction in serious crimes, several ranks from the department were awarded for their hard work and sacrifice for this year.

Crime Chief Assistant Commissioner Wendell Blanhum during remarks at the awards ceremony on Tuesday spoke about the importance of CID and its 14 decentralised units in crime fighting.

“We did well this year and we will go forward into the new year to achieve greater results.

“…our detection or clear up rate for murder is at an all-time high – that is 80. 3 per cent,” Blanhum revealed.

Seat L-R: National Security Advisor Gerry Gouveia, Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum, Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn, Top Cop (ag) Clifton Hicken and Home Affairs Permanent Secretary, Mae Toussaint Thomas along with the awardees (Photo: News Room/December 20, 2022)

The Crime Chief noted that during the year, all the specialised units collaborated and provided support to all 12 regional police divisions.

“These 14 specialised units are responsible, inter alia, for the maintenance of the current the crime statistics, the investigation of serious and complicated cases of murder, investigation of cybercrime offences, trafficking in persons, fraud offences, narcotics [and] juvenile offences,” Blanhum stated.

The Guyana Police Force is also recording an overall 19 per cent decrease in serious crimes for 2022.

Sergeant Kester Cosbert is the best cop (Photo: News Room/December 20, 2022)

Over a 10-year period, the lowest rate of break and enter and larceny was recorded this year, numbering 467; the highest being in 2013 with 1, 692.

This year, the CID is reported the third highest cocaine seizure in a five-year period – 494 kg – and the highest ganja seizure this year – 789 kg.

Government Pathologist Dr Nehaul Singh was awarded on Tuesday by the Criminal Investigations Department (Photo: News Room/December 20, 2022)

Crime Chief Blanhum said the focus for 2023 would be greater emphasis on technology, training, recruitment and partnership to identify and disrupt criminal groups.

Sergeant Kester Cosbert from Major Crime Investigation Unit is this year’s best cop while Woman Corporal Marlyn Rodney is the runner-up best cop for CID; she is stationed at the Trafficking in Person Unit.

DPP Shalimar Ali-Hack was awarded on Tuesday by the Criminal Investigations Department (Photo: News Room/December 20, 2022)

Special Awards were also handed out to Police Legal Advisors Mandell Moore and Delon Fraser, Government Pathologist Dr Nehaul Singh and Department of Public Prosecutor Shalimar Ali-Hack.



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  1. tony Beharry says

    The figures of 122 homocides in Guyana with a population of 800,000 is very excessive and shows the lawlessness of the country, there are no value on life, this trend started under the PNC and continues up to today.
    This is the result of the Lawless PNC and the population copy, and continue the perpetuation, there are no value to society when a government practice atrocities under the PNC and the thwarted of democratic institutions including the courts. Even now the highest court in the land have political interferences, a culture initiated by the PNC. The present government needs to disband the old system and have these position given to professional qualified personnel who will run the courts as an independent institution without political interference.

    Equally so the civil service, the Police and army should reflect the ethnicity of the population only then we can have racial harmony and 1 Guyana and the rule of law. Again these institutions should be disbanded and replace to reflect the the ethnicity of the country.

    The United Kingdom with nearly 70 million people, 21/22 Homocides were 702 people , one murder per 989,000 people. So the statistic shows that Guyana should only have 1 murder.

    How the police force in Guyana can explain this? This is the gross inefficientcy of the imbedded police, again all of this reflect of the lawless of the society and the ineffectiveness of the law enforcement sector. So the whole system needs overhauling, and the most effective way is to disband all the forces, and start anew.

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