Family devastated after girl, 11, found dead under hammock


A tragic and bizarre incident has rocked the No. 50 Village in Corentyne Berbice and thrown the family of 11-year-old Tinesha Johnson into mourning; the young girl was reportedly playing in a hammock in the family’s backyard when she somehow became entangled in it and subsequently died.

Her devastated father, Clinton Johnson, spoke with the News Room on Tuesday and said he was at work when the incident occurred. Clinton, a planter and rice field worker, said Tinesha and her 13-year-old sister were playing in the backyard. He explained that the hammock was tied to a fruit tree and the children would often play there.

Police reported that the incident occurred on Monday at about 09:00hrs.

The mother, 35-year-old Latoya Laveric, told Police that she left the house to purchase fish from a van that was passing on the public road when her nine-year-old son ran to her frantically and informed her that something was wrong with Tinesha.

Laveric said she rushed to her daughter and found her motionless under the hammock that was tied under a fruit tree in the backyard.

The father told the News Room that the 13-year-old found the hammock wrapped around Tinesha’s neck.

The 13-year-old thought Tinesha was playing a trick when she became entangled in the hammock.

“She [13-year-old] went to jump her [Tinesha] and saw that she was dribbling but when she checked, it was blood. She tried to loose her out from the hammock and by that time, people start to run and come,” the grieving father said.

Tinesha, a first form student of the Tagore Secondary School, was described as a happy and contented child.

“The pickney (child) was just happy; everything she was content with. Every night when me come I does have to kiss my children,” the man stated.

Tinesha was one of four children.


  1. Patricia Pierre says

    Oh what a freak accident. This is a case of joy turning to sorrow. There would be no Christmas for the Johnson family this year. I grieve with them and send out my heartfelt sympathy too. May her young soul rest in peace.

  2. Sharmila Shamshudeen says

    Omg what a bizarre accident, I can imagine what the family is going through. I pray God give the family faith to be strong. What a pretty little girl, may her sweet soul rest in eternal peace. My sincere condolences to the entire family.

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