Man goes berserk in Berbice; fatally stabs teen boy, injures another


A man went berserk on Wednesday morning, stabbing a 15-year-old boy to death while pinning him down in a trench at Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam.

The horrifying incident took place in front of the boy’s home and was witnessed by his mother who could do nothing but scream.

Carlus Leung-A-Weh, who had a disability, was on his way to his cousin’s house to braid his hair after he was invited to a Christmas party at the New Amsterdam Special Needs School.

The suspect is in police custody, Regional Commander Shivpersaud Bacchus told reporters.

“The suspect is in custody and we have several statements and so forth and we have several witnesses assisting us in the investigations,” the Commander said.

The incident has left family members traumatised.

Prior to killing the teen, the suspect, who is said to be of unsound mind, also injured a labourer he went to purchase chicken from on Wednesday. The labourer, identified as 26-year-old Carl Singh, was stabbed several times.

According to Commander Bacchus, Singh related that as the suspect approached him [Singh], he observed a “shiny object” in his waist.

Singh said the suspect stabbed him after he asked him what the object was.

Singh managed to escape and the enraged man proceeded on Angoy’s Avenue where he met the teen.

The dead teen’s mother Michelle Bess

The boy’s devastated mother, Michelle Bess, told the News Room that she sent him to get his hair braided for the Christmas party; she was standing outside the house and watched her son rode off on his bicycle when she observed the suspect approaching him.

Michelle detailed that the suspect had something under his shirt and he then took it out and started stabbing her son.

The teen started screaming for his mother but when Michelle attempted to save her son, the suspect charged towards her with the weapon, and so, she ran to safety while shouting for help.

“I had to leff and run and go inside. I had to run in the house, cause he started running me with the knife. I was hollering and nobody came, he throw Carlus in the trench and stabbed him until he dead,” the traumatised woman told the News Room.

Neighbours then rushed out, pulled the teen out of the trench and attempted CPR but it was too late.

When he was nine-years-old old, Carlus was reportedly beaten in the head by a pupil while in school.

The News Room was told the suspect has been living in the area for the past nine months and was reportedly once a patient at the National Psychiatric Hospital.

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  1. Kampta Persaud says

    So sad to hear this. Too many people roaming the streets with unstable mental problems. The solution to this is a complex one to solve. Some simplistic answer to this would be to lock them up and throw away the keys, but that would not solve the issue plaguing society
    and bring comfort to those that are left to pick up their lives after the aftermath of such heinous acts. My heart goes out to this mother who, at this time of year, has to grieve her son. Stay strong ma’am. My condolence for your loss.

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