Cinematographer on mission to inspire creatives in Guyana


Yaphet Jackman, a Guyanese cinematographer currently based in Ohio, in the United States (US), was able to refine his skills and talents over the years and now, he is back in Guyana with the aim of inspiring other creatives here.

Jackman founded a media and consultancy production company- Bent Street Films – with the company’s name itself paying homage to the place in Guyana where he grew up.

Through that company, he said, efforts have been made to combine production work with education- the latter being absent from most initiatives that seek to develop the local film industry.

The education bit comes through workshops, challenges and in-country work. Emphasis has also been placed on connecting Guyanese creatives in the local sector with those folks in the diaspora who have managed to gain the necessary exposure and skills.

“Outside of making amazing content, we’d really love to just help to create or guide amazing filmmakers,” Jackman said.

Jackman really believes that by engaging local creatives and connecting them with some of the people producing films or working in production abroad, like himself, it is possible to inspire local creatives to create more and expand internationally.

So on December 26, Jackman will screen a feature film that premiered on BET Plus, Christmas for Sale, at the Giftland Mall and then host a “gyaff with the cinematographer” for anyone to engage him on any questions they might have.

“To be able to screen it at home, this is actually the first time I will be able to see it on a big screen so this should be great,” he said.

Part of his reason for hosting the screening is also to allow his mother to see his name ‘on the big screen’ – a dream Jackman said she had for years.

And ultimately, it is envisioned that Guyanese creatives will be inspired to create more and raise the bar on their productions, while the general public demands more of local content created.

“I think what’s needed to help push the agenda of a film industry in Guyana is a little bit more support.

“The people in country should demand wanting to see local content and local movies,” Jackman said.

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