‘Christmas is a reminder of what unites us’ – GAWU says in Christmas message


See below full message from the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU):

The observance of Christmas in Guyana, once again, is yet a reminder of the rich, colourful tapestry woven together by the people of Guyana. It is a holiday that is celebrated by Christians and non-Christians alike and one which provides yet another reason for cohesive and peaceful celebrations among our peoples. It undoubtedly adds to the richness of One Guyana and promotes unity so necessary for the development and advancement of our country and its people.

At this time, as we celebrate Christmas, the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) takes this opportunity to greet all Guyanese and express best wishes. To our brothers and sisters of the Christian faith, we are conscious that Christmas holds significant religious and spiritual value. The birth of the Jesus Christ represents one of the most powerful and profound messages of Christianity. Indeed the birth of baby Jesus reminds us that even in our starkest times, faith and obedience to our faith should not be forgotten. It reinforces the story of humanity and imbues us with confidence that despite difficulties, there is always a path to light our way to our goals.

During this period, we remain inspired by the collective efforts of our people to bring about a better tomorrow. We are even more convinced that our thrust towards advancement will bring about betterment in all our lives. Christmas indeed reminds us of the things that unites us despite our constraints and difficulties. We are heartened too by the charitable expressions of the season as we remember those among us who are less fortunate. 

As Guyanese, in their own way, gather with friends, family and neighbours to observe Christmas, the GAWU urges that we use the opportunity to reflect on our own lives and how our faith has impacted our own being. The Christmas holiday is often associated with merriment and celebration. We encourage all to do so safe, in moderation and peacefully.

As we celebrate Christmas, let us see our world through the eyes of the child born on this day – one of hope, peace, love and eternal light that guides us all.

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