Dharm Shala gets $2M from President


In keeping with the season of giving, residents of the Dharm Shala continue to feel the government’s appreciation for their services as President, Dr Irfaan Ali delivered a cheque of $2 million to the management of the organisation on Christmas day.

The Head of State reminded of the $1.5 million in subventions already being afforded to the institution, as he emphasised the importance of the government partnering with the private sector to better the lives of all Guyanese.

“It cannot be solely driven by the State nor by the private sector. We have to find a way in which we can match each other’s objective of doing something to make things better,” he stressed.

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali also distributed Christmas gifts to the children in the community

President Ali also noted that the government is working on improving the range of services made available to the elderly.

“One of the signs of development is how we treat the elderly. We are now working on a new platform- one in which we can have our elderly retire with dignity and in rendering support to the healthcare system… building more homes for the elderly… and training more caregivers. We are working aggressively on ensuring we do better, and we do more for our elderly,” he said.

The aim of the organisation from its creation was to clothe, feed and house the indigent.

To ensure that the Dharm Shala continues on this quest of humanitarianism, President Ali also committed to having the institution’s water charges waived. This will take effect from January.

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali handing over a cheque for $2M to Kella Ramsaroop, granddaughter of the home’s founder

Moreover, in addressing issues relating to staffing, the head of state said the institution’s five employees will be put on the government’s temporary jobs programme, where they will be given a monthly stipend of $40, 000.

The Dharm Shala has been extending service to humanity for over 100 years, serving as a safe haven for the elderly and infirm. The organisation is headed by the granddaughters of the founder, Pamela and Kella Ramsaroop. The two women are assisted by a small staff of five persons.(DPI)

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