Soldiers save fisherman drifting at sea for more than 20 hours


Members of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Coast Guard on Monday saved several fishermen, including one who was drifting out at sea for about 20 hours.

According to a Facebook post from National Security Advisor and owner of Roraima Airways, Captain Gerry Gouveia, the Guyanese fishermen encountered difficulties at sea at about 20:30hrs on Christmas Night.

He reported that the fishing crew outfitted themselves with life jackets and jumped into the Atlantic Ocean and scrambled into the life rafts they deployed before the vessel sank.

The crew then, reportedly, recognized that one of their crew members was missing. As such, they floated and floated all night on the raging ocean and blistering rain showers, hoping to find their colleague.

By Monday morning, however, they were located by another fishing vessel.

Members of the rescue team included GDF Coast Guard officers and Captain Gerry Gouveia Jr (Photo: Capt. Gerry Gouveia/ Facebook/ December 26, 2022)

The Coast Guard was immediately notified of the situation and officers immediately launched their rescue vessels for the missing man.

“The soldiers were focused and determined, they searched and searched and search even when the weather became dangerous and the sea state was extremely high.

“They never give up,” Captain Gouveia stated.

Eventually, the officers engaged Roraima Airways for air support.

Gouveia said that an aircraft under the command of Captain Gerry Gouveia Jr. was immediately dispatched; he was joined by the Commanding officer of the Coast Guard.

Despite the weather, he said the search continued in the air and water and eventually the man was found.

“After 20 hours of drifting aimlessly in the wide expanse of the Atlantic Ocean he was hauled aboard the Guyana Defence Force Coast Guard vessel and brought to safety,” Captain Gouveia said further.

All of the fishermen have since been taken to safety.

  1. Patricia Pierre says

    My hat goes out to Captains Jerry Góuveia and their team for a job well done. Even when it seemed that the missing gentleman had disappeared for good, the team upturned all obstacles to find him. It paid off in the end. All’s well that ends well. Do keep up the good work gentlemen as you move on from strength-to-strength. Those fishermen are now reunited with their loved ones..

  2. D. Hopkinson says

    Thank You to all the rescue personnel involved in rescuing my floating cousin… we cannot bare another loss to the family. God was surely with him and he lives to tell the tale because of those involved. our heartfelt gratitude is extended to you all. one Christmas Miracle indeed.

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