Men beaten with cutlass, shot at during Canje robbery


Michael Chunoo, 38, of Lot 29 Sheet Anchor, East Canje, Region Six (East Berbice- Corentyne) and remigrant Gordon Benn were attacked during a robbery on Christmas Day by two men armed with a cutlass and a gun.

According to Police reports, the incident occurred at about 19:40 hrs on Sunday.

The perpetrators, whose faces were concealed by cloth, went to Chunoo’s house where he (Chunoo) and Benn were imbibing.

Chunoo related that while drinking, they were pounced on by the bandits.

Chunoo was dealt a lash to his head with the cutlass while the other perpetrator fired a shot at Benn, hitting him in the right side leg.

The men demanded cash and valuables and managed to steal one LG cell phone valued at $60,000. They retrieved the items and fled the scene.

Chunoo and Benn later received treatment at the New Amsterdam Hospital. Chunoo was released but Benn remains a patient at the institution.

No one has been arrested, and an investigation is underway.

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