‘Sister Jean’ murdered at Paramakatoi


Police are investigating the murder of 78-year-old Ramdia Balkaran also known as ‘Sister Jean’ who was found dead in her bed at Paramakatoi Village, Region Eight on Thursday.

The News Room understands that the pensioner was found with a bruised nose and forehead and discoloration was seen to her mouth area.

According to the Police, at about 19:30hrs on December 28, Sister Jean and her husband retired to bed after closing up their shop; the husband, Basil, went over to his ‘Prayer House’ while Sister Jean went home.

At around 06:00hrs the next morning, Basil woke up and called out to his wife but got no response; the door of the house was secured from inside and upon checking, Basil observed several louver panes from a window were removed.

He suspected that something was wrong and raised an alarm. Persons then went to the home and managed to gain entry into the house from the kitchen window when they found Sister Jean dead on the bed.

Further checks around the yard revealed that the mesh fence at the back of the yard/garden area was cut open.

No one has been arrested; the investigation is ongoing.

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