Tuschen taxi driver beaten, robbed of car


Police are investigating the armed robbery of a 30-year-old taxi driver who was beaten and robbed of his car, cash and cell phones in the wee hours of December 27 at Nismes, West Bank Demerara.

Police Headquarters in a statement noted that the taxi driver of Tuschen New Scheme, East Bank Essequibo had just dropped off a passenger at ‘West Vybz’ bar at Tuschen, when he was approached by the two suspects, who asked if he was working taxi.

The driver responded in the affirmative and the two men requested to be taken to the Demerara Harbour Bridge but upon reaching the location, they asked to be taken to Nismes village instead.

The victim told police that when he arrived at Nismes, one of the suspects exited the vehicle and the other choked him from behind; he was cuffed and beaten to his face and head.

The man was relieved of his silver Toyota Romion bearing registration PXX 6084 (valued $2.9M GY); a Samsung Galaxy J7 (valued $40,000); a Nokia cellphone (valued at $4000) and $30,000 in cash.

The suspects subsequently escaped in the car in a western direction.

Relatives, in a Facebook post, asked that persons who have any information about the robbery or the car can contact them on telephone number 642-3405.

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