Guyana exported almost US$200M in rice in 2022 with new market in Lebanon


With a new export market secured in Lebanon for local rice farmers, Guyana’s rice exports in 2022 stand at US$185 million, the Ministry of Agriculture has disclosed.

This figure falls just below the US$191 million exported in rice for this year. This is despite the COVID-19 pandemic and floods during the year.

Although those factors persisted throughout 2022, Guyana’s rice industry remained resilient.
In a year-end performance review, the ministry said more than 24 tonnes of packaged white rice was shipped to Lebanon. With Lebanon being the newest market, this has brought the total number of foreign markets to 38.

The total tonnes of rice exported in 2022 was not disclosed in the statement.

To support the local industry, drying floors were constructed in Regions Two and Four.

The floods, though devastating across some sectors, mildly affected Guyana’s rice sector, the ministry said.

The Guyana Rice Development Board had released a detailed statement at the end of 2021 but that was not forthcoming in 2022.

Two new international markets were established in 2021 – the British Virgin Islands and Slovenia, with exports of 12 metric tonnes and 250 metric tonnes of rice delivered.

According to the ministry, the government continues to demonstrate its commitment to the development of the agriculture sector through increased budgetary allocations.

In 2022 rice, livestock, and cash crop farmers across Guyana received more than $109 million in flood relief grants.

And further, key initiatives were undertaken for the development of the industry including strengthened support to the farmers, designs of the soil and value-added laboratories, a national monitoring program for paddy bug and red rice management demonstrations, along with the re-introduction of farmer’s field day and soil testing.

The GRDB has also been providing technical advice on crop management to low-yielding farmers to increase their productivity in paddy cultivation.

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