Guyana to aggressively pursue new, larger conference space & branded eco-tourism facility in 2023


The Guyana Government is keen to develop the local tourism product in a fashion that will continuously bring visitors to these shores.

Among the big plans to be aggressively pursued in 2023 is the construction of a new, larger conference space and a branded eco-tourism facility.

Minister of Tourism, Industry, and Commerce Oneidge Walrond says she personally shares the vision of the government and is actively pursuing these ventures with foreign investors.

“We will continue to make a case to investors next year for that… you’re just going to have to stay tuned,” she told the News Room in a year-end exclusive interview on Friday.

Already her ministry has prepared a concept paper for a large 5, 000 person conference facility attached to a five-star hotel and a branded eco-lodge facility.

“The papers have been prepared and we are fielding investors and interested parties.

“There is a need and we have recognised that and we are looking for investors for that facility,” Walrond noted.

She said the idea is to make Guyana the first choice for visitors and to do that the government intends to build on the local tourism product to ensure continuous improvements.

“The vision is that every month of the year something is happening so there is no lull in travel.

“Guyana is to be a destination for conferences, sporting activities… we are also looking for Guyana to be the center for health tourism and we want to set up entertainment centers.

“These are just a few of the things we’re looking at starting in the New Year.

“The idea is to continue to set up Guyana and build the infrastructure for Guyana to be a premiere tourist destination… that’s our vision and we are prepared to have that fulfilled,” the Toursim Minister added.

In the next five years, Guyana will be a game changer for the tourism and travel market in the region.

Guyana is to expect new franchises and big businesses in 2023. Already British Airways will begin flying in March 2023 and Starbucks will set up several locations across the country.

“With negotiations, unless they are tied up other competitors can take the opportunity to jump ahead so big businesses like the confidentiality until they make the announcement… but there are pretty exciting things to happen in 2023.”

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