Mechanic, security guard injured as gunshots ring out at ‘Outside’ bar


A mechanic identified as 30-year-old Olofi DosSantos was shot three times while a security guard, 41-year-old Sheldon Adams, received lacerations to his face during an argument over parking at the ‘Outside’ bar located at MovieTowne, Turkeyen, Georgetown in the wee hours of Sunday.

The News Room was informed that as patrons danced to welcome the New Year with festive music, they quickly had to dash for cover as several persons discharged their firearms at the popular night spot.

Errol Baptiste

DosSantos was reportedly in the company of two businessmen who were both carrying firearms. They were identified as Eron Baptiste and Errol Baptiste, both 29 years old and both licensed firearm holders.

The trio reportedly parked their car at the entrance of the club and refused to move from the spot even after being asked to do so by the security guard.

An argument ensued and one of the Baptiste brothers reportedly used a rum bottle to beat Adams to his head.

At this time, DosSantos reportedly took a gun from his waist and discharged several rounds in the area.

This resulted in an exchange of gunfire between persons who were in the area and some 200 persons at the bar were sent scampering.

Erron Baptiste

When the dust settled, DosSantos was found lying on the ground with three gunshot wounds – one to his lower abdomen, one to his right-side chest and one to his left forearm.

Police said the businessmen drove away in their car whileDosSantos’ his firearm was taken from his hand. The brothers were later arrested and their bullet-riddled car was seized.

The injured DosSantos and Adams were taken to a city hospital for treatment.

Police responded and commenced an investigation. Over 10 spent shells and some warheads were recovered.

Police said the bar does not have CCTV cameras but investigators are said to be relying on the cameras from other business establishments in the area.

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  1. Matthew says

    None of the 3 were able to produce a licence for having a brain as they had not been able to prove proficiency with the use of it.

    They are VIPS and know it because their mirror tells them that every single day. A few years in jail may be useful to learn even the wealthy cannot park where they want to.

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