President Ali is ENet’s first official 5G mobile subscriber


President Irfaan Ali today became the first official subscriber to ENet’s 4G/5G VoLTE (Voice over LTE) network during the company’s visit to the State House.

During the visit, ENet’s Chairman, Rakesh Puri, and CEO, Vishok Persaud, presented President Ali with a replica of SIM numbered 001 as a token of his status as the first person to officially connect to ENet’s new 5G cellular network.

The President congratulated ENet, the newest entrant in the mobile telecoms space, on this remarkable achievement – the first 5G VoLTE network in the country and the region – and especially on utilising local resources to deliver a world-class product.

President Ali commended the company’s continued investment in sector. He also recognised them as a private sector company that is taking on the challenge of creating transformational investments aligned with the Government’s national development agenda, which aims to create jobs and generate wealth for all citizens across Guyana.

ENet’s Chairman, Mr Puri thanked the President for accelerating the liberalisation of the telecommunications sector, as well as the government’s emphasis on enabling local companies to implement meaningful projects for the benefit of Guyana.

President Ali interacts with , ENet’s Chairman, Rakesh Puri, and CEO, Vishok Persaud

He also reaffirmed ENet’s commitment, as a 100% Guyanese-owned company, to continuously expand and improve telecommunications services for Guyanese.

ENet’s 5G VoLTE network will deliver a world-class product on 4G and 5G enabled phones, including local and international voice calls, SMS, 4G and 5G data, and international roaming services.

Cellular talk, text and data services will be available across a large coverage area built on ENet’s fiber backbone – the largest fiber backbone in Guyana.

The company will be rolling out these services to the general public over the next few weeks. (ENet’s press release)

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