Farmer busted with ganja tells Police it was for ‘a fine hustle because things hard’


Compton Joseph Allicock, 58, a farmer from Unamco Junction, Upper Berbice River was arrested with 2, 041 grammes of marijuana and reportedly told ranks it was for “a fine hustle because things lil hard.”

Allicock was nabbed during a roadblock by ranks of the Ituni Police Station on Friday.

According to Police Headquarters, the ranks conducted a stop and search at about 18:25 hrs on Friday when the white 212 car that Allicock was traveling in was stopped.

The vehicle was being driven by a 34-year-old electrician of Airy Hall, Mahaicony and had two other passengers.

Allicock was seated in front with a pink haversack on the floor of the car between his feet.
Police said when Allicock was searched, a bulky black plastic bag containing leaves, seeds, and stems of marijuana was stashed in the crotch of his pants.

The ranks also searched the haversack belonging to Allicock, which had a quantity of cassava. Among the cassava were four other bulky plastic parcels with marijuana.

He was arrested and escorted into the Ituni Police Station, where the suspected cannabis was weighed in his presence and amounted to just over 2,041 grams.

While nothing of evidential value was found on the driver and the other two passengers.

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