Peenie Bear’s Gymbearie provides ‘safe’ space for young minds to develop creativity


The newly opened Peenie Bear’s Gymbearie at Lance Gibbs Street, Georgetown, will provide young children a “safe” space to help them to develop their creativity while providing parents with childcare services that they can trust.

The facility, owned by Miriam Andrew-Ming, will have many much needed developmental activities such as katak, martial arts, ballet, contemporary dance, and yoga and family classes.

“We understand the need to keep our kids entertained in a meaningful way and also to build bonds with them; so we thought we could create this open space that we could have all activities that are family based,” Andre-Ming said.

She explained that aim of the facility is to promote freedom of expression and creativity and allow children the freedom to do what their imagination allows them to do.

Miriam Andrew-Ming during the opening of the facility (Photo: DPI )

Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr Vindhya Persaud, speaking at the opening of the Gymboree, said this initiative aligns with her Ministry’s vision to provide safe childcare facilities throughout the country.

“In our country, we always need to put emphasis on safety for children and put creativity in their space. If children are denied freedom of expression from a very young and tender age, then they grow up very introverted and unable to express themselves in many ways that they have the potential to do,” Minister Persaud said.

Minister of Human Services and Social Security Dr Vindhya Persaud (Photo: DPI)

Further, she said the concept will create a loophole for parents to not only engage with their children but also have options available for the safe development of their young ones.

“The idea of having a space within the first few years of childhood development concept, where we focus on children zero to five years old and ensure one, they are able to be in an environment where creativity knows no bounds, no limits, but they are also in an environment where they could be observed and on some level screened for many of the things we want to be aware of very early in their lives,” the Minister said.

Children playing at the facility (Photo: DPI)

Additionally, the Peenie Bear’s gymbearie will provide services for parents who work at night and need childcare assistance or may have an engagement with a need for their children to be supervised. This will add to the much needed night service, the Minister said.

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