GMR&SC discusses options on Drag Strip relocation


Guyana Motor Racing & Sports Club (GMR&SC) President Mahendra ‘Raj’ Boodhoo, met with representatives of Total Venue Concepts to gather advice on the options of relocating the Drag Strip at South Dakota Circuit.

Team Mohamed’s, who is a major sponsor for the current strip, was also present along with their Principal, Azruddin Mohamed, on Wednesday.

Members of Total Venue Concepts, a USA-based company that specializes in track preparation, are in Guyana compliments of Team Mohamed’s, and the GMR&SC head took the initiative to gain insights on where and how best they can relocate the strip.

Boodhoo, who was on Tuesday re-elected the club’s president for the next year, indicated they will have to relocate the strip to a different area of the track to allow the continued development of Circuit racing.

The President said they are toying with the idea of placing the strip to the South-East section of the track (the run-off area of the current Drag strip), and it would end before it reaches the extended part of the circuit.

The current Drag Strip is also part of the Circuit racing track and proves to be hazardous, especially when wet, due to the chemicals applied for Drag racing.

The chemicals placed on the surface for Drag racing affect the Circuit racers

On the GMR&SC’s 2023 calendar of events, one of the highlights is the day/night Drag Racing scheduled for June 3.

The new addition to the calendar will mark Round Two of their Drag Racing Series with Round One carded for February 19 and Round Three, the International meet, set for August 6.

The GMR&SC President outlined that, “Drag racing and Circuit racing have to co-exist, we have a huge facility at South Dakota and it is just a matter of putting infrastructure in place for both to co-exist at the same location, so it will happen and that is our objective.”

In 2022, the club hosted an international Drag meet that attracted competitors from Trinidad and Suriname.

There is an intention to create a Caribbean Drag racing series.

According to Boodhoo, the hope is that if they do move the strip, which will remain at the South Dakota Circuit, it can be completed with corporate support to finish in time to host the Drag racing events.

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