Investigators still probing Christ Church Secondary School fire


Two days after a massive blaze consumed the Christ Church Secondary School on Camp and Middle Streets, Georgetown, Fire Chief Gregory Wickham said that investigators were still working to determine the cause of the fire.

Wickham, speaking to reporters on Saturday, said that the investigators were still searching through the debris for possible answers on what caused the fire.

He could not say whether the location of the fire’s origin was discovered; he also did not rule out whether the fire was caused by a chemical reaction from improperly stored chemicals as had happened only a few days before Thursday’s massive blaze.

Wickham said when the investigation was completed, the Guyana Fire Service would issue a release with the details.

Meanwhile, the Fire Chief also disclosed that the GFS’s hydraulic platform has been undergoing repairs for sometime now after it encountered mechanical difficulties. He declined to say whether the availability of that firefighting equipment could have aided firefighting efforts at the Christ Church school.

He, however, lamented the dearth of fire prevention measures at the school. Had those measures been in place, Wickham posited that the disaster could have been avoided.

  1. Tony beharry says

    These are deliberate fires and sabotage.
    This is a political action to de stabilise the government and cause mayhem.
    So many fires to public buildings , it’s unusual for so many buildings that was standing for years and nothing happened .

    And then suddenly when the PNC loss the elections that they wanted to ring, public buildings goes up in flames 🔥

  2. derk says

    An interesting observation: Tony

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