‘No one is untouchable’ – CANU Head says as large quantity of drugs seized destroyed


The Customs Anti Narcotic Unit (CANU) burnt about 594 kilograms (or more than 1,300 pounds) of marijuana and cocaine on Saturday at the old Ministry of Housing burnt-out site at Homestretch Avenue, Georgetown.

The narcotics destroyed on Saturday were from cases that have been concluded in the Magistrate’s Court.

Cocaine accounted for some 140.6 kilogrammes (or about 300 pounds) of the narcotics burnt, while marijuana accounted for about 454.7 kg (or more than 1,000 pounds).

CANU Head James Singh said that the body has recorded numerous successes in stemming the flow of drugs in communities. He also emphasised that the body continues to work towards preventing Guyana from being used as a transshipment point for drugs going to the United States or Europe.

A CANU Officer overlooking drugs about to be destroyed (Photo: Shaconeil Burnette/ News Room/ January 14, 2023)

“We want to send a strong message that the government is seeking to crackdown on drugs trafficking, and Guyana should not be used as a transshipment point,” Singh said.

Importantly, he noted that known large-scale traffickers in Guyana were nabbed by the authorities in 2022.

And so, Singh contended, “This is an example of us going after not just the persons trafficking in the communities, but those using Guyana as a transshipment country.”

He later added, “… this just demonstrates that no one is untouchable, if you are found with narcotics, you will be arrested and placed before the courts.”

Overall, for 2022, CANU seized in excess of 3.7 tonnes of marijuana and more than 124 kilogrammes of cocaine.

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