BUDGET 2023: Gov’t to tackle flooding with $19.7B in drainage support


The construction of more drainage systems in several communities is on the government’s agenda, as Finance Minister Dr. Ashni announced that $19.7 billion will be spent on drainage and irrigation works.

The focus on drainage support, the Finance Minister explained as he presented the 2023 National Budget on Monday, is part of plans to counter flooding during bouts of heavy rainfall.

The Finance Minister said that new pump stations will be constructed at Meten-Meer- Zorg, Jimbo Grove, Belle Vue and Letter Kenny. The government will also spend on upgrading other drainage and irrigation systems across the country.

Flooding continues to affect Guyana significantly each year as the country’s coastline, where most people live and work, is below sea-level.

Cognisant of this, Guyanese leaders have focused on more drainage works to improve water flow on land. Last year, $19.1 billion was budgeted for drainage and irrigation works.

Importantly, Dr. Singh reminded fellow lawmakers that the government commenced work on design studies for replicas of the Hope Canal, a key structure that helps with drainage on the East Coast Demerara (ECD), in Regions Three, Five and Six. Works here are expected to progress.

He also said that the government is focused on building climate- resilient infrastructure so that the country can benefit from long lasting structures well able to withstand the harsh impacts of the climate crisis.

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