BUDGET 2023: New hospitals, training health workers part of focus with $84.9B health sector allocation


Guyana’s health sector was allocated $84.9 billion with significant sums being directed towards the creation of much-needed hospitals and training healthcare professionals, Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh said on Monday. 

The Finance Minister, during the 2023 National Budget presentation, said that the government increased the allocation for the healthcare sector from $74.5 billion in 2022. 

The increased sum is meant to fund the government’s efforts at expanding access to critical and specialised health care services, including maternal and children’s care. 

In fact, Dr. Singh said, “… in 2023, we will witness a vast transformation of infrastructure in the public healthcare system.”

Some $13.2 billion will be spent on advancing infrastructure works at the forthcoming paediatric and maternal hospital, and six new regional hospitals at Lima, De Kindred, Diamond, Enmore, Bath and the No. 75 village. 

Some $830 million was also allocated to complete the design for the Bartica hospital in Region Seven, and start construction there. 

Another $1.8 billion was allocated for the rehabilitation and expansion of the Georgetown, New Amsterdam and Linden hospitals and for four telemedicine centres in Regions One, Sveen, Sight and Nine. Other allocations were made for hinterland health centres. 

Importantly, over $500 million is allocated for the training for healthcare professionals. This comes as the government hopes to deploy more professionals to underserved communities, Dr. Singh said. 

Aside from facilities and personnel, the Finance Minister said that $900 million was be directed towards fighting non-communicable diseases and issues be it cancer or mental illness. 

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