CNOOC Petroleum Guyana starts Medical Assistance Fund with Chinese Medical Brigade


CNOOC Petroleum Guyana Limited (CPGL) has started a medical assistance fund with a donation of GYD $2,000,000 on Friday to assist patients with medical care.

Persons who are unable to afford the cost of medicine and medical tests would be eligible for financial support from the money donated by CPGL.

The facility’s purpose is to help provide relief to a substantial number of patients who are examined by doctors from the 18th Chinese Medical Brigade (CMB) and cannot afford further testing and medication.

The CMB is based at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).

Head of the CMB, Dr. Chu Xuehui, explained that his Brigade examines patients who are frequently unable to complete their treatment due to their lack of means.

“By creating this partnership with CPGL, our Brigade would now have the facility to conduct additional tests and treatment for such cases,” he said.

President of CPGL, Mr. Liu Xiaoxiang, noted that his company has recently signed an agreement with the Ministry of Health and would be utilizing this avenue to facilitate medical services for the Guyanese public.

“We saw an opportunity to fulfil our Corporate Social Responsibility when the Medical Brigade informed CPGL about these needs and requested assistance. Our company appreciates the cooperation it has received from the GPHC and from the 18th Chinese Medical Brigade. We trust that this fund would go some way toward supporting medical care for these patients,” President Liu remarked.

The medical assistance fund was set up by CPGL at a local commercial bank with the assistance of the GPHC.

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