Boat captain, taxi driver in Supenaam stelling brawl to be charged


A boat captain and a taxi driver have been charged with assaulting each other after they engaged in a brawl on a speedboat at the Supenaam stelling on Monday.

In a video recording, the men can be seen fighting while passengers sat in the boat.

According to information reaching the News Room, the fight occurred at around 15:00 hours and involved taxi driver Otis Marks and the boat captain Anil Singh.

The News Room understands that Marks dropped off his cousin to get the speedboat and proceeded to park and was cleaning his car when he heard a commotion.

Upon investigating, he reportedly saw Singh approaching his cousin to hit him with the piece of wood usually used as a backrest for the speedboat.

Marks reportedly tried to prevent Singh from hitting his cousin and it was at this point that Singh chucked Marks into the river; Marks was also kicked by another man, who also fell overboard.

Both Marks and Singh made a report of assault to the Suddie Police Station and they were both arrested and placed on bail. They underwent a medical and are expected to be charge. Police are searching for the third man who kicked the taxi driver.

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