Bomb threat at Bishops’ High School


A teacher at the Bishops’ High School at Carmichael Street, Georgetown, reportedly received a call that a bomb was planted in the school.

An officer of the Guyana Fire Service confirmed that officers are on the scene investigating the matter. In the meantime, classes at the school have been halted and the students evacuated.

Details will be provided in a subsequent report.

Students of the Bishops’ High School have been evacuated (Photo: News Room/ January 18, 2023)
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  1. Stephen Monohar Kangal says

    As a keen observer of events in Guyana post – 2020 elections I am becoming incrementally attached to the view that political forces opposed to the welfare of the One Guyana imperative are employing burning disruptive practices targeting schools and public buildings to create havoc and derail the frenetic pace of development that can only redound to the benefit of the people of Guyana. It is well known to me based on my T&T political experiences that the PNC/APNU will employ all types of acts of sabotage and destruction just to regain power and get their hands on the windfall petro-dollars to make a mess and dabble in corruption and political patronage. The duly elected legitimate and democratic Irfan Ali Government of Guyana must not be diverted from its noble and internationally acclaimed course/imperative of inclusionary governance and resist all unpatriotic assaults on the good order and peace of Guyana and prosecute those intent on creating mayhem and chaos as well as to expose their cheap politically driven agenda to dislocate democracy in Guyana.
    Best wishes to my brothers and sisters in reaping the untold and unlimited benefits of your petro-bonanza and your increasing non-oil sector ferment and production.
    Caricom is with you side by side by side as you also pursue rapprochement with our Surinamese brothers next door with off-shore resources to create a pole of development and gravitation for investments and commerce.

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