Man with machine gun, ammo escapes from police


Police officers managed to recover a ‘Tec-9’ submachine gun and ammunition in the vicinity of Turtle Creek, Upper Mazaruni river, Region Seven (Cuyuni- Mazaruni). The man who possessed the weapon, however, managed to escape from the officers.

Police Headquarters reported that three officers were on mobile patrol in the area sometime around 12:30hrs on Tuesday. During the patrol, they saw a man sitting at a blue and white building, dressed in a black short pants and a long sleeve black sweater.

It was, however, reported that the man ran towards some bushes, tossed aside a black plastic bag and continued running when he noticed the officers.

The officers reportedly chased after him but were unable to apprehend the man.

Nevertheless, the officers then found the black plastic bag. A Black ‘Tec-9’ Submachine Gun with a magazine, and another black plastic bag with 55 9mm rounds of ammunition were discovered.

The officers are continuing their search for the man.

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