Investigators tracing fake calls of bomb, fire threat at Bishops’ High School


Regional Commander, Assistant Commissioner Simon McBean said Thursday that the bomb and fire threat calls made to the Bishops’ High School on Wednesday will be traced and when the caller is found they will be made to face the full penalty of the law.

The Commander, during a telephone interview with the News Room on Thursday, said the investigation is ongoing. He said part of the investigation is to find the caller.

“We are investigating the matter and finding out who made the call is part of the investigation,” the Police Commander said.

Regional Commander, Assistant Commissioner Simon McBean (Photo: Guyana Police Force)

On Wednesday, a teacher from the school, located at Carmichael Street, called the police between 8:30 hrs to 9:00 hrs and alerted them about the threat of a fire at the school, the commander said.

A bomb threat was also made, the Guyana Fire Service said, both calls forced the cancellation of classes on Wednesday.

Students and teachers from the school were evacuated after the call of a bomb planted in the building was made. The call was made at 9:09 hrs, shortly after classes started for the day.

The Police Force and the Guyana Fire Service responded and arrived on the scene shortly after. Their investigation revealed that there was no bomb at the school.

The bomb threat followed a false report of a fire at the school on Tuesday night. The Guyana Fire Service said they received a call about 22:15 hours Tuesday.

“When firefighters responded no fire or smoke was seen in or around the building,” the spokesperson for the Guyana Fire Service said.

These threats come just days after the Christ Church Secondary School, just a stone’s throw away from the school, was destroyed in a fire.

Education Minister Priya Manickchand on Tuesday, strongly condemned the destruction of schools and said any persons found conspiring to destroy schools will face imprisonment. Meanwhile, the Home Affairs Minister Robeson Benn has said that communities must play a role in protecting public property.


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