Teachers salary adjustments will come at the appropriate time – Pres. Ali


The Irfaan Ali government had long promised upward salary adjustments for several categories of public servants including teachers.

And while announcements relating to salary increases for members of the disciplined services and healthcare professionals were made in December 2022 with implementation starting in January 2023, there were no increases for teachers.

That is except for an across-the-board eight per cent salary increase announced for all public servants at the end of 2022.

During a press conference on Tuesday, President Irfaan Ali reminded that the government was looking at salary increases in a holistic and phased manner.

“Other categories (of public servants) are under examination and adjustments will be announced at the appropriate time,” Dr. Ali said.

He also clarified that his government would “never walk away from its commitment.”

“The day for teachers will come.

“… Every category of worker will be addressed. We are starting from critical areas where there were a number of anomalies and that is how we are progressing,” Dr. Ali told reporters at the sidelines of an event in December 2022.

Importantly, the President explained that his government is focused on a “holistic” plans of improving workers’ lives. So, salary increases are not the only benefits that will be provided.

Specifically on teachers, the President said they are an important asset to the country and assured them that he will work towards delivering increases and other benefits to them.

He could not say how soon this will be done but noted that “things are working pretty quickly in this country.”

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